Friday, April 2, 2010

Two Different Ideas

Why don't people separate certain ideas?  Like, maybe there is a magical God/Gods but he/she/it/they didn't create the universe. 

Caught you thought napping?

I've never met anyone claiming there is a God or Gods that could explain it to me.  They usually tell me how we're not supposed to know. 

How do you know that?  And if it exists, how did it create the universe?


  1. During my extended deconversion, I had to bludgeon it into some people's heads that it's possible to believe in an afterlife without believing in gods.

    Of course, I no longer believe in either, but it's possible.

  2. Now, some ideas are concomitant. Like ghosts and an afterlife. I'd be willing to lay down good money that there are people who believe in ghosts but not an afterlife and don't understand for a second why that doesn't make sense.

  3. Actually, I think there might be a way to make some sense of ghosts without an afterlife: The ghost is some echo of a person's memory, but not a whole, conscious mind, like an ectoplasmic video recording of a specific collection of events.

    Though that's presuming we're talking about ghosts who just wander and/or reenact events, rather than the interactive type.

    ...You know you're a fantasy gamer when...

  4. BD, anything can make sense when they're just making it up. Much like fantasy gaming.

    Like why re-animated skeletons are so powerful.

  5. It's because of all the eeeee-ville negative energy, which compensates for the complete lack of muscles. And connective tissue. And eyes. And a respiratory system so that they can scream or laugh maniacally. And a brain so that all that moving, seeing, and screaming can be coordinated in the larger horror context...


  6. Plus they only take half damage from piercing weapons because of all the empty space.

  7. But what if my fighter doesn't believe in negative energy and counteracts it with his Skepticism skill?

  8. That's not a skill in 4th ed. So there.