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Transcript of Rebecca Rosen on the Dr. Don Show

On January 29th, 2010 self-proclaimed psychic medium Rebecca Rosen was inteviewed by telephone on the Dr. Don Show, the morning program on 99.5 WYCD in Detroit, MI.

You can listen to the interview here.

I was unable to find any transcriptions of her many appearances on radio and television, and felt it necessary to post this for posterity. I'm interested in this person a little moreso than other people who claim psychic powers since we're both from the same city.

I've never transcribed anything, so the punctuation ranges from bad to non-existant. From what I can tell, the four people involved are Dr. Don, Steve Grunwald, Rachel Hunter and Rosen. I have only included the portion of the interview relative to her claimed abilities.

*I will be pointing out the cold reading tactics this woman uses in a later post*

Rebecca Rosen on The Dr. Don Show

STEVE Is there anything weird about me Rebecca this is Grunwald I mean is there anything that's coming through loud and clear like prison time or anything like that

ROSEN Oh gosh are you sure you wanna know

DR. DON I'm sure he wants to know, yeah.

STEVE You can tell me anything. It doesnt matter just let it go

ROSEN Ok so just that you know, it doesn't necessarily work that way but what is your first name


ROSEN Steve?

STEVE Yeah Steven - Steve Grunwald.

ROSEN Steve, Steve, Steve ok well as I hear your name everybody's energy's in their name and what I get is -has your father passed Steve?

STEVE ah mentally yes

DR. DON mentally (laughs) (crosstalk)

STEVE physically he's still alive

ROSEN no that doesn't count

STEVE he's still around

ROSEN ok theres heart attack heart issue with a father figure around you and its about you you need to watch your diet

STEVE yeah

DR. DONRD PARTY you know the heart problem would actually come from his stepdad (crosstalk)

STEVE my stepdad's had a lotta problems

ROSEN yeah

STEVE with his heart and things like that

ROSEN well here's your message it's looking at the father figure with the heart problem and showing you this is a wake up call for you to really be on top of taking better care of yourself and um do you play the guitar


DR. DONRD PARTY (laughs)

RACHEL only in his head you know he's looking at about doing the polar bear plunge and he's afraid he's gonna have a heart attack so maybe he shouldnt do it

ROSEN (laughs) i don't think thats it no i don't think that's it truly im getting like your choices day to day uh do you have a weight problem

STEVE well why're you laughing rachel well you know what i'm trying to get into shape

DR. DON im laughing cause she's laughing

STEVE i just got a trainer and stuff

ROSEN ok well that right there sums up you're do - you're on the right road to taking better care of yourself but they're showing me this caution with you and that's really important is its not about (inaudible) this is about you're health

STEVE yeah


STEVE well what else

ROSEN ok so um your father has not passed but hes getting the father who died died of cancer um do you know who j is j as in


ROSEN like a john


ROSEN you know heres what im gonna tell you when im in an (inaudible)ience ok if you were sitting around five other people this may not be for you so meaning anybody in the studio right now this might be for you

STEVE rachel has a husband named uh jay but my my real father my biological father is a you know three pack a day smoker

RACHEL my father died of cancer and his name is john

ROSEN thats it

STEVE well well there you go

ROSEN well thats what i just said j as in john. so john is here who died of cancer thats the father alright so i know you want me connect with to STEVE but thats not happening alright so this is rachel your dad

RACHEL yeah my fathers name is john harmon he passed from cancer pancreatic cancer in 1988

ROSEN ok hes standing here screaming you know j as in john its not we're not talking about your husband we're talking about your dad now what he wants you to know is that hes hes been following you ok and what that means is hes completely at peace on the other side hes not a ghost hes choosing to keep one foot in this world because he wants to feel close to you and hes very proud of you and how do you have children ?


ROSEN its about you as um the mother and wanting you to know that hes watched you and um is this a daughter

RACHEL yes its my daughter yeah

ROSEN ok there is one that you lost which means did you miscarry a child at one point

RACHEL yeah i did

ROSEN ok all i know is it wouldve been a boy its a completely different (inaudible) you know sometime they want you to know that so if you ever have this feeling there shouldve been another or there

STEVE thats crazy

RACHEL you know thats crazy

DR. DON i tell you what youve got her completely floored over here because you're nailing it

RACHEL we have a a girl locally who does similar has a similar talent as you and she just said to me two months ago did you have a miscarriage and it was it was a boy

RACHEL yeah well there you go and the reason we would both pick up on that is this little (inaudible) obviously it still looking at you like a mom and


ROSEN didn't need to physically be here to benefit from that but is around you um and it said to talk about the bird so the bird is your dad assigned from him to you something bizzare I always tell people we all see birds ok


ROSEN but this would have to be a bird that just ran into your window a week ago um a bird you know something unique and if you don't understand that right now (inaudible) well they

RACHEL well you know its funny because about six months ago we had a big bird through the big window in the front of our house and we had a big imprint of a bird like a silhouette that had just flew with its arms spread out

ROSEN yeah that was

RACHEL and it was imprinted in our front window above our front door for months

ROSEN that was your dad (laughs)

RACHEL and we finally like had to have a window (inaudible) its you know its so high up we didn't have a ladder we had to have a company and clean that window now i feel bad that i cleaned it

ROSEN no thats ok but now you understand that was an ordeal you didn't overlook that he got his message across and what else hes trying to say to you im here and he loves you and

RACHEL thats wild

ROSEN (inaudible) yeah and im supposed to talk about the other father that died so i dont know if you have another man who was like a father to you that passed on but with your father uh this would either have to be grandfather um

STEVE well shes adopted


RACHEL im adopted so my birth father could've passed on both my grandfathers are dead also

ROSEN let me let me try and get a name here um you know a charles charlie

STEVE charlie charles

RACHEL no but if its my birth parent i dont know his name

DR. DON he doesnt she doesnt know the birth parents crosstalk

RACHEL (inaudible) the first information ive heard about my birth parents

ROSEN ok thats very hard to validate validate so what i will just say to you is (inaudible) that no no im sorry its not a birth fa- it would have to be his father because hes looking up and thats my sign for grandfather but dads dad ok now im supposed to bring up the happy birthday which means um it just happened or is about to within a month of right now and this is your father acknowledging either you or acknowledging him whose birthday's january february

RACHEL uh my sister i have we have a little sister whose birthday is the 16th

ROSEN ok and so its coming up and hes doing this make sure she hears this um and then im supposed to reference now his mother has passed on

RACHEL yes yes

ROSEN cause hes standing with the grandmother to you and was she extremely religious


ROSEN cause shes showing me the cross and its my sign for her belief in god um obviously just wanting you to know its helped her transition you were not you did not have closure with your grandma you didnt get to say goodbye


ROSEN ok something about um she knows you loved her even if that happened and then im supposed to bring who's nana or anna

RACHEL (laughs) thats well well my my mother in law my daughter calls her other grandmother nana but thats what my husband called his his grandmother

ROSEN ok but she died nana husband's


ROSEN grandmother nana died thats who's talking here right now

RACHEL oh ok

DR. DON thats actually what i called my breakfast too was nana like banana



STEVE way to ruin the vibe Don

DR. DON sorry about that

ROSEN(laughs) ok so so the bottom line is you have an i guess for rachel you are the one who has the crowd of this the dead people around you

RACHEL well you know ive had orbs thats why kelly kelly mcleod was at my house and she read all this stuff because weve had orbs showing up and and these pictures lately only on special occasions it seems to be my daughter my daughter whenever there's a special occasion a birthday party whatever theres orbs that show up in the pictures and

ROSEN ok that's

RACHEL things like lights are turning on and off in the house

ROSEN yeah thats because you guys are conduits and lot some people are just more appealing than others for the spirits (crosstalk) its just easier to get through you so they come to you uh not to be afraid of it because its all positive energy


ROSEN and im supposed to tell you to watch your dreams which means thats how they're gonna communicate with you especially your father


ROSEN and something about the new car did your daughter just get a car

RACHEL aw jeez oh boy


RACHEL everyday of my life shes turning 16 this year and every day and get text and shes doin chores around the house thinking that shes gonna get a really nice car

ROSEN yeah well your dad

RACHEL on her 16th birthday

ROSEN yeah well your dad your dad seems to think she is and is hinting at you to get her the car so however you work that out

RACHEL he knows shes gonna get it


RACHEL (laughs)

DR. DON its gonna be a brand new pink hummer

ROSEN there you go


RACHEL that's so funny that's such a topic right now in my house is rachels car

STEVE im really glad you came on today rebecca because basically you're telling me basically im gonna die of a heart attack and you give rachel all this great news and i dont get crap

ROSEN(laughs) no no no no were here to keep you here ok so thats why its all preventative

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