Monday, April 19, 2010

I'd be Happy to Tell You Why [Woo] is Nonsense. But First...

There is a time and a place that I will be happy to discuss with someone why there probably is no god/gods/Gorlock the Mighty/Thor. I would also be happy to tell you why astrology and homeopathy don’t work and why psychics are self-deluded or frauds.

But we have to agree on a few things or else it’s worthless.

1. The scientific method is the best way of describing things and explaining how the universe works. If you have a better way, you’ll need to put it forth with evidence.

2. "Faith" (holding an extraordinary belief without extraordinary evidence) is completely different from holding a position based on evidence or the lack thereof.  If you have trouble understanding this, please see Doggerel #16 You should actually read them all, but I won't hold my breath.

3. We need to agree on what you could show me to change my mind (describe your woo, what observable effects it creates and how could we test it to make sure it really is your woo creating said effects) and what would convince you to change your position.

If you don't put forth the very minimal effort to grant these requests, then I really have no desire to discuss my viewpoint with you. More than likely you'll just testify or witness to me. Which is the same as wasting several minutes of my time.

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