Thursday, April 15, 2010

Keep Reminding the Pope Raping Children is Wrong

Joey Ratz never ceases to amaze me with the excrement that comes out of his mouth. He addressed the Holy Child Rape scandal at an over-achieving Thursday mass today, but didn't admit any responsibility or even apologize to the victims.

No, they are the victims.

"I must say, we Christians, even in recent times, have often avoided the word 'repent', which seemed too tough..."
"We Christians"? The last time I checked, raping children wasn't a huge issue in the Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist or Presbyterian circles. Remember to speak for yourself Popey-poo; most of those other groups I mentioned also think you're just some old dude in a nightgown wearing a funny hat.

"But now under attack from the world, which has been telling us about our sins ... we realize that it's necessary to repent, in other words, recognize what is wrong in our lives," Benedict said.
Read that again. The Pope, the moral guide for a majority of the Christian religion, needed the world to tell him that molesting children is wrong.

He needs the fucking world to tell him that putting your hoo-hoo dilly near a kid is wrong.

But it took an attack to make him realize it.

If that's really what it takes Joe, rest assured I will lay into your stupid fucking church, all it's silly magical beliefs and all the harm they cause until I no longer draw breath.

"The pain of repentance, which is a purification and transformation, is a grace because it is renewal and the work of divine mercy..."
I wouldn't know since I don't have to answer to some thing I made up that will burn me in fire forever. But I hope it hurts like hell.

Fucking pompous asshole. (_!_)


  1. Man, fuck the pope. In a just fucking world, the entire rotten edifice of the Catholic church would fall down around him as he spouted empty platitudes that are somehow supposed to fix the fact that he helped cover up decades of child rape. I'd be there to play the fiddle while it burned. Well, probably the guitar. I did once write a song called "Oh, How The Priest Loves the Little Children," but it was full of bar chords and made my hand hurt and I haven't played it in years.

  2. Posted a few of my thoughts. Though now I see it's already listed on your sidebar anyway.

    The ultra quick summary: This isn't about religion, this is about the rule of law.