Monday, September 20, 2010

Stupid Thing People Say - "America: Love it or Leave it"

This one is really going to bend the Dale Earnhardt caps and peel back the Calvin pissing stickers on the F-750s of the flag-waving redneck crowd, but for the love of Hee-Haw:

                        Stop using this idiotic phrase.

Unless of course you love everything that "America" does. Let's take Bill here. I'm sure that Bill was thrilled that a black Democrat was voted President of the United States. And since it was by a large majority, that means most of the country's voting citizens were thrilled by it. So love it or leave it, and SUPPORT SHERIFF JOE!

One thing I love about these United States is the fact I don't have to love everything about these United States and I have the right not only to hold these beliefs but profess them on these Interwebs.  My feeling is more along the lines of "(The United States of) America: Deal With it or Leave it".

The fact is, what you are really saying is "America: Agree With Me or Leave it" when one of the best parts of living in this country is our right not to agree with whatever asinine position you hold.  And my response to you is "Ryan: Blow Me or Leave Me Alone".

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  1. That picture is fucking priceless.

    The "love it or leave it" crowd spun my head right round (like a record, baby) when they were suddenly under a black president whose policies they disagreed with and they immediately started criticizing the government in ways that would have qualified people for "leave it" status bare weeks earlier.

    Sometimes they even stole and repurposed the anti-Bush rhetoric. An old coworker of mine had a bumper sticker on his car that said "Obama: Not My President." Which is just lazy, when you think about it.

    I was, of course, thrilled to be able to ironically tell him "Hey, buddy, love it or leave it!" Which got an eye-roll out of him as he recognized and summarily dismissed my sarcasm.